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New Addition to the Family.

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He is exactly what you would expect from a Boerboel, he would die protecting his family, but he does not like the UPS or Fedex people to much :0

I assume the puppy is doing well?

Sounds like Angus is very loyal. I bet the UPS and FedEx are very intimidated by him too. I would be. LOL!!

Angel is doing very well. She's a very happy puppy. In the car however, she insist to ride in the front. I put her in the back seat, she jumps over to the front. I can't have that while I'm driving so I purchased one of those very short leashes that clips to the seatbelt buckle to keep her in the back but she doesn't like that very well. She would bark constantly until she tires herself out.

My wife and I are currently looking for another place. We live on the second floor right now and it would be best to have a first floor for Angel with a fenced in yard. Besides, we're just sick of our landlord's BS and we have been thinking of moving for a while now.

Dogs are funny when it comes to riding in the car. Best to train them early. You don't want her is the front getting in the way, that would not be good for you or her.

Good luck finding a place, you looking to find a place closer to work, or would you rather stay in the city?

We are actually looking pretty much anywhere at this point as long as it's reasonable. Rent these days are just ridiculously high.

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