Node Direct Connect

For those on the New England GMRS Network you can connect to any other node on the network if the node owner allows it.

The node owner has to port forward the UDP port 4569 to the node IP address that is going to be accessed. The visitor does not have to do anything. For them it is just like dialing into a hub.

As an example I have node 1111 and I want to let others in to discuss Aunt Tilly’s last operation. My nodes IP address is, in my router find port forwarding and enter 4569 UDP and forward it to IP address Save the settings in your router and you are all set.

Now your friends can go to Supermon and enter 1111 and connect and talk about Aunt Tilly without boring everyone on the Network lol.

One thing to remember, your nodes IP address can change, if it does you will have to adjust your forwarding in your router to match.