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If you know of a GMRSLive Node configuration Tip or Trick that will help others, please post it here.

By WRFD401 Ray

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6 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks”
  1. I built a HotSpot Radio for my vehicle, but I wanted it to connect to my 1686 Node after it was powered on. I didn’t want to use my smartphone to access the Supermon or DTMF from the radio, I just wanted it to connect on its own.

    I sent GMRS Live a support question and the answer they came up with was very simple. A simple edit to the Node Stanza in the rpt.conf file is all that was needed.

    startup_macro = *731686 is the command to perminately connect to my node.

    startup_macro_delay=60 is a delay to allow the node to connect to the network, needed if you are using your phone as a Wifi hotspot.

    You most likely have a semi-colon in front of thoses commands, so be sure to remove them.

  2. Here is another tip. Say you want to reboot your none at 3 AM every morning. Open you rpt.conf file go down to the “Schedule” section and add this:


    ;dtmf_function = minute hour dayofmonth month dayofweek ; ala cron, star is implied

    2 = 0 3 * * * ; run reboot macro at 3AM

    Save the file and restart Astrisk.

  3. HELP!! A while back I had a radioddity 25W quad band. Over a year ago I was transmitting when it started to emit a burning plastic smell. Come to find out, the radio burned out and would no longer transmit(still able to receive). The antenna, connections and coax were all fine. I replaced it with another 25W Socotrans quadband which is basically the same exact radio. I included a pic in the library on this site of the burnt out area on the circuit board. I was transmitting tonight when I noticed the same smell and I could no longer transmit. I tried several radio checks on both the New Bedford and Kingston repeaters with no reply. Do you think I could have the circuit fixed on my radioddity, or would it be better if I got a new radio? Do you know of this being an issue with these radios? They are relatively cheap, so maybe a better model suggestion? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    1. I don’t know. Whenever you smell something coming from the radio, it’s not a good thing. I have noticed that on the Chinese radios they don’t handle a SWR higher the 1.5. On the Ham and commercial radios they will cut the power if the SWR is to high. Of course the price is much higher on the Ham and commercial radios, but still how much would it cost to put SWR protection in the Chinese radios. You might want to look at that radio reviewed on the forum, it a dual band, but the price is right.

      As far as getting it repaired, it would most likely cost more to repair it then replace it.

      1. Thank you Ray. Do you recommend any particular brand for a 25W quadband? I’d rather spend the money to get a quality radio to avoid this problem.

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