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New England GMRS

Join the Friday Rag Chew 9PM EST

If you wish to join our network, please request a node number and download our Raspberry Pi image from the downloads menu.

Our network is linked to TGLN national network. To talk over there, disconnect from the 7000 New England Hub and connect to 7100 National Hub, be sure to check out their website.

If you don’t have a Node or access to a repeater, you can still get on the New England GMRS Network. You can use the Zello App on your Android or iOS phone. Just add our channel “IMAS REPEATER”. No password required.

You can also use the DVSwitch Android App. Setup directions can be found here.

Hubs / Rooms available for all Nodes running our Software Image.

Internet NodesNodeNetworkDVSwitch
New England1686NEGMRSYes
New England7000NEGMRSYes
Link to Nationwide 200 [TGLN]7100NEGMRSYes
Link to PA GMRS7200NEGMRSYes
Parrot Test7400NEGMRSYes
North Providence462.725467.725100
North Attleboro462.550467.55067
New Bedford462.575467.575136.5

New England GMRS Linked repeater network

The New England GMRS Linked Network is a open network using linking technology which has been modified for GMRS Linking. If you operate a GMRS repeater or GMRS node in New England, feel free to link into The New England Hub, number 7000. The other Hubs are available to anyone running our software image. If you are running a modified AllStar image or another networks GMRS image and you know how to modify it to link over to us, that’s OK too. Just be sure to let us know you node number so we can add it to the database. Many of our Hubs are also accessible through DVSwitch Android app. So if you don’t have a Node, DVSwitch is a good alternative.

To get more information on joining the New England GMRS Network, click Join Us.

If you don’t know what GMRS linking is, click on the GMRS Linking menu item to learn more.

If you would like to join the New England GMRS Network and have a turn-key node built, go to, they will be happy to get you going. 

The current coverage map.

Get an Audio check anytime with our new Parrot Hub 7400. Be sure to disconnect from your current hub before switching to 7400. Enjoy and a big thank you to WROV324.