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New Addition to the Family.

This past Sunday my wife and I picked up a Yellow Labrador from  Buffalo New York. Her name is Angel and she is 9 weeks old. It was a long day of driving which extended into Monday morning. It was well worth it.
We weren't looking into getting another dog this soon since we had just put our Tyson, a Pitbull Bully mix down last week due to him suffering from tumors throughout his body and hip dysplasia. He was 14 years old. We rescued him when he was about 3 months old. It was extremely heartbreaking.
Out of nowhere, here comes this woman who contacted me through Facebook informing me that she has a Yellow Lab puppy available. She showed us pictures and in one of the photos was this women's fiance holding Angel and his tattoo was showing on his wrist that read "Family". My wife was scrolling through the photos and what popped up was shocking. A photo of her late Aunt who had passed recently came up. She was always all about family. This was all too weird but something was telling us that this is meant to be.  Tyson will never be replaced but Angel was put into our lives for a reason. Angel is meant to be with us to heal our broken hearts of loosing Tyson and fill that void.
Angel is just too adorable. It was something about her face that got us. My wife's late Aunt made this all happen in spirit. I know this may sound too crazy but we strongly believe this was her doing.
Another weird thing is that this women, Christina, who contacted me is exactly like my wife. My wife doesn't get close to anyone due to trust issues but Christina and my wife Ramona immediately clicked. They both talk alike, think alike and somewhat looks alike. They've only known each other for a little over a week now and they both are like best of friends.
Here are some photos of Angel that Christina had sent us and photos we took since we picked her up. Angel will be trained to be a Service Dog for Ramona. My wife currently has ongoing medical issues to which having a Service Dog would be beneficial. So far Angel has been a handful but it's going to be all well worth it.
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Here are some more photos since I can only upload 5 at a time.

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Beautiful puppy. I wish you the best of luck. I have always had a dog and don't know what life would be without one. It sure was a long drive but I am sure it was worth it. Barbara and I did the same when we got Angus, 16 hour road trip. He may be a nut but he is our nut 🙂

Angus Adoption Post

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Thanks Ray, we always had a dog in our lives as well. Life without one will be so much different I can only assume. The drive was definitely a long one. It was longer than what it should have been because I kept dozing off, so I would stop at random service plazas to rest up. As you said, it was better this way for us and everyone on the road.

Angus is HUGE! 175 pounds?! WOW! I seen the photos on his adoption post, I can almost walk under him! LOL!! Good looking dog though. I sure hope he isn't a puller when he goes out on walks. Glad you rescued him because most people will get intimidated by his massive size.

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He is 200 lbs now, and he does not get to walk on the street.  It is to dangerous, the roads in Rehoboth do not have sidewalks and the roads are narrow.  He is good on a leash though. He is very happy roaming our property.

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