Download the GMRS Linking Software from the link below. Once installed on your Raspberry Pi you can use the software update feature to install any fixes or feature enhancements.


1.6.0 Available Via Auto-Update and Image Download
1) Redesign Supermon
2) Changed Software Update to use ftp passive mode
3) Added node shutdown from Supermon

1.5.8 – Available Via Auto-Update and Image Download
1) Added USB Dongle to Admin Menu
2) Update radio.db to include the USB Dongle

1.5.6 – Available Via Auto-Update only
1) Fixed the Supermon Version to update with the “Software Update” Setup Option
2) Added SN Box V3 to radio.db
3) Fixed the Admin Menu, now shows all menu options without scrolling.
4) Fixed index NOTICE in link.php line 421

04-26-23 1.5.5 update
1) Added HostSpotRadio programming menu option in the setup
2) Moved “Update Software Image” to item 1
3) Registration no longer generates garbage left on the node

03-19-23 1.5.4
1) Fixed formatting on Supermon Simpleusb page
2) Added Available Network Hubs to Supermon
3) Updated the radio.db with the CDM, HotSpotRadio and Aursinc radios
4) Changed the default firsttime to run SimpleUSB, Just choose the radio you are using
5) Added item 9 Program Aursinc Radio to the putty setup
6) Added item 10 Update Software Image to the putty setup

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