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Node in a Tree

I put the node a 100 feet up in a tree today. It has about 1 W output, powered with a cell phone charger, Demo's idea. Range.... about 1 mile.

So if you want to know how many fars you can get from a 1 W node up 100 feet, now you know.

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hell yea that’s awesome!! WRWE549

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WRFD401 Ray

I'm curious... How did you get it up into the tree?

I had some tree work done and while the guys were here, I had them throw a string in the tree. At one point I had the 550 repeater antenna up there, but the wind made it un-reliable so I took it down. I still have the paracord there though.

can the ant. on a node be changed out to a bigger ant?

Raspberry Pi's can be susceptible to RF. The wrong antenna can cause the pi to reboot when you transmit.