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Supermon Setup

I did this and now i can't login at all

Supermon Set-up Guide - New England GMRS Linked Network

how can i fix this !!!

If you can't login, you must have changed the default username or password, or deleted the password file.

This is how you set the password:

Create a password for you and possibly other users to login to Supermon

Change to the Supermon directory if not already there.

cd /srv/http/supermon

Recommend removing any existing .htpasswd file - rm .htpasswd

Add an htpasswd file htpasswd -cB .htpasswd (subsequent additional entries use just -B)

Supply a password of your choice when prompted.

The login ID is admin.

DO NOT enter the < or >. Do NOT use a ! (exclamation) in the password. You can have more than one login and password.

If assigning additional passwords the 'c' create file switch must be dropped. In this case use: htpasswd -B .htpasswd


when I did this - rm .htpasswd it remove the

default username and password

I re added it by doing this

htpasswd -B .htpasswd  admin password

and that where I cant login now


Make sure the username is admin and the password is raspberry. Otherwise you will have to change the manager.conf to match.