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Station / Antenna Grounding

I've been researching on what's the best way to set up my base station at home in regards to grounding. My main concern is antenna grounding and if it's even necessary since I unplug everything during a storm. The antenna will be fried if it ever gets hit with lightening, grounded or not. So I just unplug everything at the shack to protect the equipment inside during these storms. I have a huge wooden shed in my yard that I plan on installing my antenna on. I planned on installing a grounding rod into the ground next to the shed and grounding the antenna on that, but would it be even necessary if I unplug everything during storms? Would the antenna get fried grounded or not? I would assume so. Please correct me if I'm wrong and weather I should do what I originally planned. I ran across an article in regards to station grounding though and it has changed my perspective in some way. It was written by Steve Katz WB2WIK/6 which can be found here.

Nothing is going to protect your antennas from a direct strike. Grounding the antenna is important to discharge static electricity build up on the antenna. Fiberglass antennas are more prone to static build up then metal but both should be grounded to a ground rod. This will dissipate any static charge to ground and not down your coax to your radio.

Grounding your radio is not necessary, if it is powered by AC, it should meet electrical code and not need any further grounding. If it is powered by 12 volts DC, then the power supply should be electrically grounded.

Grounding your radio chassis to a ground rod will surely fry your radio if you have a lightning strike in you vicinity. Static from the lightning will travel up your ground wire, right into your radio electrical ground side and cook all thoses itsy bitsy resistors, capacitors and diodes.

Best disconnect your coax from your radios and unplug the AC on your electronics.

I haven't read your attached article, but I will and append this post if needed.


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