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How to shut off the connect, disconnect message I hear when on DVSwitch?

This has been driving me nuts. With some help from everyone on the rag chew this is what I found out.

You only have to worry about this if you are running a Hub.

First go to your exentions.conf file in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

[phone-iaxrpt-7000] ;;; Stanza is the context from iax.conf
exten => 7000,1,Answer
;exten => 7000,n,Playback,rpt/node
;exten => 7000,n,Playback,digits/7
;exten => 7000,n,Playback,digits/0
;exten => 7000,n,Playback,digits/0
;exten => 7000,n,Playback,digits/0
exten => 7000,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=0)
exten => 7000,n,Rpt,7000|Pv|${CALLERID(name)}

and put semicolons in front of the lines with the playback in them.

This will stop the connections message.

The disconnect message was a little harder.

You have to issue COP commands 34, this shuts off local telemetry.

Then COP 18 to disable user functions. That worked for me.

I hope it helps you.