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Any one have the cdm1250 programming software

Quote from WRWY781 on December 13, 2023, 2:10 pm

Any one have the cdm1250 programming software

Hey Kendell,

You can Google Search for the software. It's a little challenging to find, but I was able to find it for my CDM1250. Just make sure you use version R.06.12.05 as this is the last version that will support wide band. The latest version of R.06.12.09 does not support wide band.

I am by no means an expert in radio programming or GMRS in general, but please feel free to contact me here if you need further assistance and I will be more than happy to help out the best way I can.

Take care!

Armando WRVD487

Is there one that runs on windows 10

Or Is is it just for windows 98 to windows 7

please feel free to contact me here

I don't think so. Those are old radios thus they will use old CPS software.

Right I'm using Windows 10 and I can not get the file you email me to work on windows 10 at all.with are you using to make this work as in your o.s and cable



I have Windows 10 and CPS version R.06.12.05 works for me with a USB programming cable just fine. You may have a defective cable (happened to me before getting a new one) or maybe even a different CPS version. You can also check to see if the proper drivers are installed for the cable.

Can you post a link to the cable you use

And to the CPS version R.06.12.05 as will all the one I see have a password on them

The CDM's are old radios and utilizes old programming software that run on old operating systems as Ray mentioned but I found that the CPS does work on Windows 10, at least in my case.

This is the cable I use for my CDM. I'm not sure if posting links to programming software is allowed so send me an email.

Quote from WRWY781 on December 13, 2023, 2:10 pm

Any one have the cdm1250 programming software

i have almost every moto cps if not I can get it. If you need a cps for this radio I can send you a link to google drive. If you haven’t found a cable yet and are local I can let you borrow my cable to program with your radio. Also willing to help you program