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03-19-23 1.5.4
1) Fixed formatting on Supermon Simpleusb page
2) Added Available Network Hubs to Supermon
3) Updated the radio.db with the CDM, HotSpotRadio and Aursinc radios
4) Changed the default firsttime to run SimpleUSB, Just choose the radio you are using
5) Added item 9 Program Aursinc Radio to the putty setup
6) Added item 10 Update Software Image to the putty setup

By WRFD401 Ray

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One thought on “New Image Released 1.5.4”
  1. If you can’t get the software because of a request for a password, the below url works.
    Our image includes the software, but if you are running your own software image, you may find the following useful.

    pacman -Sy python-pyserial
    git clone
    cd SRFRS
    python radio –frequency 462.6250 –squelch 1 –ctcss 100.0
    python volume –level 8

    Green Light Program Mode
    PTT flash red led light means RF transmit
    COS in blue means receiving the RF signal
    COM in YELLOW means audio data transmit

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